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In today’s hectic life, natural products have gained maximum importance for people to lead a healthy life and keeping that importance as priority. We at Swetansh Enterprises are striving for people’s health and healthy routines. The aim of Swetansh Enterprises is that people’s lives should be healthy, and their bodies should be beautiful and healthy without any chemicals.

We have noticed that in some days the trend of people towards organic products has increased significantly. According to us, this trend has increased more after the arrival of Corona period. Due to the increase in demand for organic products in such an epidemic, the organic industry has seen a boom in the last few years.

We offering our customers a variety of the latest organic & natural products. The interests of our customers are always top priority for us. We offering our customers a variety of the latest organic & natural products.

Swetansh Enterprises

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Customers Satisfaction

Our Mission

Our aim Objectives of our company are as below.

  • Customers Satisfaction

    Our main aim is customers’ satisfaction which is very important for us.

  • Quality Products

    Offering the highest quality products with better services.

  • Organic Service

    Providing organic products and flavors instead of artificial flavors and colors etc.

  • 100% Pure Supplement

    Offering 100% pure natural health supplements & products providing complete health solutions and services to our customers.

  • Supporting People & Mother-Earth

    Supporting people of organic fields to help them to keep the processes of good & best quality of herbs farming as well as make keep water and earth clean and pure.

Our Journey

The SWETANSH ENTERPRISES was established in 2017. The important accident of our enterprises is related to the social work field. While doing social work, we have met and talked with many people. We have gone to many places while working in the village, people who are relaxed in the presence of nature look healthy, they are living a good life and healthy life. Because those people consume organic things that include natural herbs, organic produce, organic houseplants, that’s why they are able to do all anything, and they achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We realized and met with special people like ayurvedic experts, herb organic farmer, handcraft men and all people who work for nature. They gave us a lot of information about their works, what they do, and how does it work? After that we realized have the right direction, getting experience day to day, then decided to make a firm, and we established Swetansh Enterprises with the inspiration of doing good thing we are trying to do same thing and bringing best of the best organic & natural products before our customers.

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From village to metro citie

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Shweta Band


She start her career with social field, after got few experience she decided to do some activities in organic field....



He is managing this company right form day 1, executing best marketing strategies which goes beneficial ....



With the purpose to run the business activities in synchronized manner, we have developed a well equipped infrastructure in ....

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